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In case of announcement/ dissatisfaction with insurance company services / insurance products, please fill out the standard form of existing electronic application.

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The procedure for receiving and reviewing consumers’ claims of JSC Insurance Company Prime

  1. The procedure for receiving and reviewing consumers’ claims is aimed on the provision of consistent delivery of complete, required, clear, fair and timely information about satisfaction of the claim for regulation of the process of receiving/reviewing the claims in regards with the service of the insurance company or/and insurance products received from the consumers at JSC Insurance Company Prime through phone (oral), written (hard copy) and online forms.
  2.  The Procedure does not apply, if:

    - reason for the claim is interruption in course of servicing consumers or rejection to render service, conditioned by the Law of Georgia on Supporting the Prevention of Illicit Income Legalization;

    - The Insurance Company has already reviewed the claim of similar content of the same consumer;

    - The claim is not related with the activities of the Insurance Company, its products and consumers’ rights.


  3.  A claim is received in the following forms: in writing (hard copy), in writing scanned/ soft copy (unlimited: official email of the Insurance Company: or/and by phone (oral form) to the hotline numbers: (+ 99532) 2241524, (+ 99532) 241525, *1115);

  4.  Written (soft copy of) claim (application) is received from the consumers to the Head Office and service centers (according to the actual addresses of the consumers) of the Insurance Company.


  5.  Claims received in any form are accumulated at the Legal Department. The Legal Department coordinates the activities to be provided by the Departments/Divisions/Service Centers, preparation of written responses, mailing them to the claimants and controlling the process of regular reporting to the LEPL Insurance State Supervision Service of Georgia.

    Standard term for claim receipt, review and responding to the consumers is 10 (ten) working days. If the consumer is required to provide additional information/documentation in regards with the claim – 10 (ten) day term shall be calculated form the day of full provision of such information/documentation. In all cases, term for responding to the claim shall not exceed 30 (thirty) days.